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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  October 5, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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50s and we will see highs getting up to the lower 80s. an outside chance of a shower and more clouds in the afternoon. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, angie. hello, everybody. we are looking at a smoother ride than what we were experiencing early on. talking about yesterday, i like what i see. 95 northbound. no problems. move it outside and show you the trip here. looks like we are incident free from the prince william parkway to the capital beltway. if you are continuing on to 395, no problems. drivers here are moving at speed finding lane really wide open past duke street to the 14th street bridge. in to the city we go, eastern avenue near kenilworth. looks like a great example of the nice, quiet commute we are experiencing across the district. and finally we will wrap it up with a shot of 495. here's the outer loop. looks like this between route 1 college park over to 270. now, over to jess. a controversial bill comes up before the dc city council later today. it is called the wildlife
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protection bill and it would require wildlife trapping companies to remove certain guidelines when removing critters from your home. kristin fisher is live at the wilson building with more. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: hey, good morning, jessica. i know some of you at home are thinking, woe, hold on. why do we need a bill that will protect these pesky critters but it is actually intended to help out the homeowner, as well. what it would do is require that wildlife control officers in the district use humane methods when trapping and removing these animals from your home. you could still even kill these animals if need be, but the bomb line is you have to do it humanely. now, this bill would not apply to rats or mice or animals like this. what it would focus on is animals like squirrels, raccoons, possum, animals that love to nest in your home. it doesn't apply to residents.
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i only regular lathes companies. so all of that sounds standard and freight forward. one is causing the bulk of the controversy. it states a wildlife control operator shall make every reasonable effort to preserve the animal family units and not knowingly abandon dependent young inside of a structure. opponents say it is going too far but supporters say it makes sense. here's why. >> if a mother raccoon or mother dunk or mother groundhog thinks is an animal is inside they will keep trying to get inside no matter what and that causes damage to a house. so you may pay for something and not remove the young and then all the damage is done again after you have already paid for it. so it is important in solving the problem long term. >> reporter: dc council woman mary che is the sponsor the bill and she is confident the bill is going to pass. after all, she says the bill is
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not that revolutionary to begin with. 30 states already have similar measures that have been signed in to law, including maryland and virginia. we are going to hear from council woman che in a half hour at 5:30. a teenager student is talking about being forced in to a fight that was recorded and put on you tube. the 16-year-old tells us bruce johnson she was transferred to woodson high when days later she was forced in to a fight with another female student an the girls friends egged them on. >> i didn't want to fight. i was hoping to come home but after she swung on me. i wasn't going to let nobody hit me. >> you too should be held accountable. the person that followed her home should be accountability. the school should be held accountable. >> reporter: the student suffered injuries on her arms and jaw. officials say she faces a 25- day suspension and the other student who appears to instigate the fight faces a 90
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day suspension and possible expolings. police identified the trooper injured in a car accident along 95 on monday afternoon. trooper brown was hit by his own patrol car after a tractor- trailer hit a dodge neon. the impact pinned two ordrivers and a passenger between trooper brown's patrol car an a guardrail. all four had been standing on the side of the road after a minor accident. two others in the neon were hurt. the driver of the tractor- trailer faces charges of reckless driving and having inadequate brakes. an autopsy shows the driver of a charter bus suffered a deadly heart attack behind the wheel. and that led to the crash. the driver was the only one who died but several passengers were hurt. the bus was taking children and adults back to pennsylvania after a day of sightseeing in
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dc. a robbery suspect under arrest after being shot in a northeast washington shopping center. it happened near the rhode island avenue metro station. police say an armored car guard opened fire when the man tried to rob him. the suspect was hit in the leg. time for another living mart report. investors took a pause from the rally and the mark was due for a pull back following a 10% gain for the dow last month and investors are waiting for earnings reports this week and the latest unemployment figures. checking wall street -- personal bankruptcies on the rise. up 11% so far this year. 1.2million people have already filed since january. that number is expected to rise 1.6 million by the enof the year. if you are considering going back to school, what's
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the best field to pursue? a study ranked which degrees offer more bang for the buck and topping the list, just about anything that that ends with engineering. it is where the top money is. but education experts warn don't choose a career based on projected income alone. coming up, a new way to shop for clothes for your kids and save ton of money while you are doing it. some homeowners in calvert county, maryland are watching their backyards fall in to the chesapeake bay. he only has six feet of ground left between his home an the 150-foot drop in the water. now the state is looking at buying up the properties at the highest risk. >> and then offer to the homeowners to purchase their property or buy easements on their property and either relocate the home to a different lot or perhaps move
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it further back. >> 90 homes are on the block overlooking the bay. maryland secretary of natural resources hopes to tap in to state and federal emergency management money to buy out the homeowners. it turns out montgomery county authorities made a big mistake when they bought uncle tom's cabin. that story is coming up. good news for parents. some of the medicines your kids will need this winter are heading back to the shelves. and rahm emmanuel runs in to a road block that could derail his hopes of becoming chicago's next mayor.
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welcome back. traveling 267 eastbound. you are all clear to the toll plaza. you should be able to access 66 now. it is angie with realtime traffic on the way. in the news now at 5:09, the commute in london might be closer to normal this morning. the union members who run the
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underground train system face a 24 walkout on monday over proposed job cuts. that left 3 million workers looking for a different way to the office. former white house chief of staff rahm emmanuel may not be eligible to run for mayor of chicago. he rented out a chicago home when he came to washington almost two years ago and the city's election law says a candidate must reside in the city for a year before the election. closer to home, it turns out the historic home montgomery county bought for $1 million isn't the real uncle tom's cabin. they bought it in 2006 and thought it was the former home of henson. he was the model for the tightal character in the harriett beach store novel uncle tom's comebacken and now turns out he may have never actually lived there. people are worried about a cancer cluster in their
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community. and plus floodwaters are high enough to use boats in some north carolina towns. howard? >> the rain is not here at the moment but the cold is. some areas in the 30s. i will have the out-the-door temperatures an the tuesday forecast when we return. ress call or click today.
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today federal officials will start to assess the flooding damage in north carolina. local and state officials say they need a federal disaster
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declaration to get more help with recovery efforts. dozens of homes may no longer be habitable and even yesterday some people were still getting around by boat. terrible situation there, howard. >> one of my weather watchers has some family there and say the ferry goes through the bay and can't do at this time because there is too much sand. you can only get off on the far side of the island. >> that's a bad situation. here we have something possibly that rhymes with no and and starts with s. >> high elevations late tonight could see the first wet flakes mixing in. it is october. it is okay. they rely on that. it is ski areas. these are hundreds of miles away, not here. we are a ways away from seeing the white stuff you love so much. the bus stop forecast, happy to tell you it's dry.
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it's not warm, but it is dry and a little breezy. partly sunny when the sun comes up. briescy and chilly. in the 40s. a couple of spots in the low 50s an sunrise this morning is 7:08. 54 by 9:00. 60 at noon and five. more clouds this afternoon than this morning with the chance of a shower, one or two today and the northwest wind at 10 to 15. tonight will be chilly, partly to mostly cloudy in the 40s. not too bad on the winds and sunset a quarter to 7. and tomorrow looks okay. cloudy, a few showers, low 60s. after tomorrow looks a whole lot better. this morning, the showers are up in pennsylvania, new york state and behind me here in ohio coming down in to western west virginia. so, that's why i think we will be dry much of the day. the chill is out there. 40s, mid-40s in many, many areas away from the big cities. we are at 51. manassas is down to 39.
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fredericksburg is 46. i saw 47 down to stafford -- excuse me, 37 in stafford. andrews is 45. bill in new land 45. that's his coldest system temperature of the season so far and 50 in martinsburg. temperatures a national 51. partly to mostly cloudy. dew points in the low 40s. the air is not too humid but the breeze is up. if you don't like your hands cold, i might be wearing gloves on the weather terrace in a while. 41 in chicago. you see the chill in national and atlanta in the 40s. we have a storm system spinning in the northeast and this is bringing in cooler temperatures behind it and showers on the west coast there. but it is the problematic storm, not moving quickly that will continue to give us clouds this afternoon and showers north and west. some of the showers will return tomorrow. after that, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, you are going to love. check out the seven day. if you haven't put down winter
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fertilizer yet it might be a good time to think about it. a couple of showers tomorrow. a nice stretch of weather. friday 77 and look at the weekend, low to mid-70s out there with plenty of nine. time for the traffic. >> thank you, howard. good morning, everybody. hope you are having a terrific tuesday. right now looks terrific out on the roadways. 95 an the bw parkway. zoom in. nice, clean and green making your way out of baltimore past 82 all the way to powder mill. let's keep things going and take you to 270. opening the door reveals that father hurley to the split, tracking the head lights. a little volume is building but no major delays. virginia, 66 eastbound from route 50 to 495 finding drivers are at speed. and finally we will take a little fly over the gw parkway and here we go from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. pretty much smooth sailing.
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back to you nfl the living well headlines, an announcement last night about the incidence of cancer around fort detrick, maryland. >> first of all we had to look at a geographic area where we knew how many people there were in the area. we also needed to know how many cancers there were. and so, the decision was made in this phase to use the maryland cancer registry data. >> reporter: after explaining the method used clifford mitchle with the state health department said their analysis did not find a significantly higher rate of cancer around fort debt trick. that surprised some that say their independent dent research showed otherwise. the next meeting is november 1st at 6:80 p.m. at winchester hall. a new study shows holding your computer on your legs regularly can lead to toasted leg syndrome. it is described as an irregular
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discoloration of the skin. in one case a 12-year-old boy developed it after playing computer games a few hours a day for several months. they say you should have a lap desk or heat shield between you and your computer to avoid the problem. sop popular medications made by johnson and johnson are heading back to the shelves. children's tylenol, benadryl, motrin pulled off in april over quality concerns. no word on when the products will be back in this area. this week dr. oz is taking a look at medication in your food supply. >> chicken today grow in almost twice as fast as they used to and twice as large as they used to be and there's reasons for that. they are given antibiotics in high doses and i don't think the antibiotics are getting in the food you are eating i'm concerned it is changing a lot of things about the environment and you know the yellowish
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colors chicken have, that is obtained by giving them a medication that is a form of arsenic. it is a signal to you you may have arsenic in your food. i'm not arguing it will kill you today but it raises concerns of what is happening to our food supply and worth putting on the radar screen. >> reporter: you can catch it here at three p.m. here each day. the wizards open their preseason on the road tonight. and a little more back and forth between hanes wore and shanahan following the redskins victory over the eagles. that story is coming up in sports. here's a look at who's celebrating a birthday today -- [ mom ] my son ryan didn't know his voulez-vous
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i just hope the language isn't a barrier. bonjour. [ mom ] my ryan can be very shy. [ male announcer ] from linked accounts to citi mobile we make it simple to manage your finances. what's your story? citibank can help you write it. good morning. hanes over has dunn a masterful job of acting like a greed you and unlikable bob we forget when he feels like it he is a
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great football player. not $100 million football player but darn good. and sunday was a good game for big al. the northwest disruptive game of the year. albert couldn't resist taking a sudden jab at the redskins coaching staff. >> the more i play the better i get f. you leave me on the field longer i can cause more havoc. >> the more he plays like that the more he will play. that was, by far, albert's best game since i have been here. a lot of effort. i was pleased with his performance. >> reporter: shanahan had a little response to albert there, isn't didn't he. >> reporter: michael vick will not play next week against the 49ers. the virginia native suffered a rib cartridge lidge injury. -- cartilage injury. arenas signed the 60 year,
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$111 million year in 2008 and between the gun charge and his knee issues he has missed 79% of his games since then. which is why people were concerned when agent nine missed with a sprained ankle. he came back, participating in team drills. he will be ready for the preseason opener in dallas. saunders says count judge this preseason by what the scoreboard says. >> we need to establish our ability to compete. if we do that we will have a chance to win games but we have to try to facilitate the development of our younger players. finally the giants had ten sacks against the bears on sunday. by the end of the game they were running out of post sack celebrations but this was by far my fate. he gets cutler and shocks himself with the taser, simulating 50,000-volts of electricity coursing through his body reminding us of the
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famous words, don't phase me, bro. that's a look at sports have a great tuesday. good news for dc schools this morning. that story is coming up. plus officials are going after some of the biggest credit card companies out there. we will tell you why. and today some local lawmakers will debate whether you should be required to use more humane methods when ridding your home of furry critters. live at fox hall and canal. we have more road conditions and the nippy weather when 9 news now returns. stay with us.
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two governors, two different approaches. even in good times bob ehrlich didn't make education a priority. he increased college tuition by 40%, cut school construction by $200 million, and ehrlich voted to eliminate the department of education while serving in congress. but in the toughest of times, martin o'malley has made record investments in public schools, new school construction, and o'malley froze college tuition four years in a row. with martin o'malley, our children always come first.
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pest control companies could soon be required to use more humane methods to get rid of some critters in dc homes. welcome back. i'm jessica doyle. andrea roane is off today.
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angie will have the traffic in a moment but here's howard with a little chilly forecast. >> am i only ones that think raccoons are cute. >> they are cute until they are living in the attic but then not as cute. weather wise we are in better shape than yesterday because there's no rain around. so a dry commute and in some cases a sunny commute as well a lot of brakes in the loud clouds allowing the temperatures to cool off. the rain moved in to pennsylvania and new york state and west virginia and ohio. traveling far north and west of town. you may run in to showers and the mountains of west virginia, you will see showers there, as well. temperatures in the region, 40s and 50s. a chill in the air and pockets of blue like manassas at 39- degrees. it is 47 in bethesda. 45 reston. sterling is 44 and even locally we have a couple of low 40s there. arlington 46. and we sit at 51 at national. 54 by 9:00. more clouds this afternoon.
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slight chance of a stray shower, especially north and west of town. highs in the low 60s. it is 5:30. hello, angie. >> hello. incidents or accidents free across the viewing area. maryland, virginia and dc. let's take it outside and show you the live conditions. 95 northbound starting to slow down between the prince william parkway over to the route 123 exit. as we continue on to i-395, the northbound trip, we are tracking the taillights an right now from duke to seminary dropping a little bit of speed here and there. and finally take a lack at dc. this is south capitol street where it meets m street. a great example of a nice, quiet commute we are finding across the district. back to you. a controversial bill comes up before the dc city council later today. it's called the wildlife protection bill and it would require wildlife trapping companies to follow more humane procedures when removing critters from your home.
5:31 am
kristin fisher is live at the wilson building with more. >> reporter: good morning, jessica. a lot of the bill is very straightforward, very simple, but there's one small section that is causing the bulk of the controversy and i'm going to read you an excerpt from the bill right now. here's the part causing problems. it reads a wildlife control operator shall preserve you knowing preserving family units . units. s. >> opponents say it is ridiculous, preserving the family units of creditors that invaded your home but they say it makes sense and here's why. the provision isn't just to protect the wild life but the homeowner. the theory is if you pay a company to remove a family of
5:32 am
raccoons but the mother is separated from her babies, then she still thinks the babies are inside of the home and will do just about anything to get them back. supporters say it is about saving you money and solving problem in the long run. the bill's sponsor mary che says it is about protecting homeowners from the wildlife control businesses that she calls inhumane. take a listen. >> what we see with those businesses that are not responsible is they use traps that effectively torture animals that nontargetted animals like pets get captured in them and when they trap them they beat them to death or drown them. >> reporter: it is important to.out the bill does not apply to mice and rats but only to animals like squirrels, raccoons, poss, animals that love to nest in your homes and it can is only going to apply
5:33 am
to regulate companies. so if you are a homeowner and you find an animal, you could still in theory do whatever you want to it. it means the companies would have to either trap, remove or in some cases kill these animals in a humane way. these companies could still kill the pesky animals but they have to go about in a proper way the bill is passed. the dc council will review this bill for the first time today. it's going to be a first reading. and the sponsor of the bill says she feels confident that it will indeed pass. jessica. >> thank you, kristin. good news for dc public schools. according to dcps officials enrollment is up for the first time in four decades. 73 cools saw an increase in students for the year and 18 had to create waiting lists for the first time.
5:34 am
schools chancellor michelle rhee and fenty will go in to detail about the increases later this morning. an investigation underway in to the cause of a deadly fire in laurel, maryland. firefighters responded to reports of smoke coming from the home in the 6700 block of brooklyn bridge road when crews put out the anymores they found a woman dead in the base of the home. her identity has not been released. police plan to interview a man they found severely hurt at a metro station parking lot. the rim was discovered just after 10:00 last night at the huntington metro station in alexandria. at this point, they do not know if he was shot, stabbed or if his injuries came from an attack. officials say his injuries are no listeninger life- threatening. virginia governor mcdonnell said he hasn't decided whether to call a special session of the general assembly to consider the plan to privatize
5:35 am
state liquor stores. the commonwealth has had the monopoly on hard liquor sales for 76 years but some say the state won't make much money after the initial sale and citizens will pay 16% more to buy liquor. >> virginians would pay more. the general fund would be less. tell me how that works. >> even if i didn't make a dime that's a good deal. because we need to build the roads now, not five or ten years from now. >> reporter: the governor says he will talk to more leaders in the legislature before deciding when to present his proposal. it is 5:35. time for another living mart report. the justice department is suing american express, visa and master card for anticompetitive practices saying they prevent merchants offering discounts when they use a rival credit card with lower acceptance fees. these are charges the retailer
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must pay every time you use your card. toyota says it fixed million vehicles in the u.s. that were part of the massive safety recalls. the japanese automaker says complaints about unintended acceleration made to its consumer hotline have fallen considerably since april. they have been working to rebuild their reputation after 10 million recalls world wide. time for the money saver. this morning a new way to shop for clothes for your kids. an on-line site where you can swap kids clothes. it allows you to browse the clothing and you pay $13 for the clothing and shipping and post your own box on the site. for more money saving advice, check out my blog, the, follow me on twitter an i'd love to be your friend on facebook ♪ [ music ] ♪ here's a little sneak peek ott the opera based on the
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princess who gives john the baptist head on a platter after he rejects her advances. the washington national opera held a dress rehearsal last night. there are seven performances starting this thursdayed anding october 28rd. some people getting a little too vigorous with their interactive video games. that story is coming up. plus, an amazing survival story after explosion involving natural gas. right out of rosslyn. cross the key bridge. nice and light heading in to georgetown. mo news for this tuesday morning. that's when you return. stay with us. "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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in the news now, a massachusetts woman is lucky to be alive after a compressed gas tank exploded. ridge water firefighters say the solar panels on the woman's roof broke the fall of the tank
5:40 am
and that gave her time to move out of the way. the blast left a crater in the ground of a nearby auto salvage company. federal agents arrested 18 people including some lawmakers in alabama. they have been indicted on a corruption scandal that involved cash for votes in the state state legislature in an effort to win approval for electronic gambling. if you get too excited playing wii you may end up at the doctor. researchers from children's hospital in philadelphia found the interactive video game can cause injuries from abrasions to sprains from the ankle to shoulder and even bystanders have been hurt. a good-bye for a man who helped to make the redskins 12th man a national sensation. more on that is coming up. plus more on a drone strike that appears connected to a travel alert for europe. on the weather terrace, chilly jacket weather and some spots you will need the gloves this morning. we have a warmup heading this way later in the week. full details on the tuesday forecast. 9 news now returns in just a
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moment. [ son ] my parents have always lived in the states.
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a judge is set to sentence a man who pleaded guilty to all ten charges against him in the may attack when a smoking explosive laden van was discovered in a tourist hot spot. prosecutors are seeking a life sentence for him. he is an american of pakistani decent. a series of explosions killed four policemen in afghanistan and wounded ten others. when officers first arrived at the first blast site and got out of their vehicles another explosion went off. they were traveling in a convoy heading out of the city. a missile strike in pakistan has reportedly killed as many as eight german militants. they are believed to be part of a terror cell plotting to attack cities in europe. security forces throughout the continent are on high alert. while japan and weeden have warned citizens to be extra
5:45 am
vigilant. authorities say that terrorists are planning attacks similar to the 2008 massacre in mumbai, india. >> we know it is underway. we know it has been directed by al-qaeda but we don't know when it will be excute or who will perpetrate it. >> reporter: the fbi says there is no indication that terrorists are specifically targeting the u.s. or its citizens, but the state department urges americans traveling in europe to take common sense precautions. an army ranger from frederick was killed during a firefighter on thursday. he is survived by his wife and two children. he left his parents also, and brother and friends in a frederick neighborhood where he grew up. gary went there to learn more about the sergeant's life. >> reporter: that's lance with his kids, parents and brother in a 2005 christmas card sent to his next door neighbor. >> i considered him my grandson. >> reporter: his parents couldn't tell her you right what happened. >> this is the note they
5:46 am
brought me saturday morning. they are deaf. >> reporter: he worked at a school for the deaf, was hit hard by 9/11. >> he just felt that he needed to do something for us. he was just a sweet heart. sweet sweet. he was 29 years old. >> reporter: got married last year, was on his 82th combat deployment, four in iraq and eight in afghanistan. >> he was shot a few years ago in his legs. and they brought him home and rehabilitated him and he -- all he talked about, i want to go back with my troops. >> reporter: why did he feel that way? >> because he loved america. see, that's why. because he loved his country. he's a true american. >> reporter: his commander
5:47 am
called him the quintessential ranger. he's a hero to our nation, the army and his family. 9 news now. today at arlington national cemetery friends will say good- bye to a man who helped to create one of the lasting imagings of the redskins years. he died earlier this summer but campbell was also a former u.s. navy master chief and will be buried this afternoon with full military honors. and now we turn to the weather and a chilly forecast this morning. >> the good news is we don't have rain. and where the temperatures in some spots dropped to the upper 30 the winds are calm. we winds at national are blowing 10 to 15. many areas away from water have lighter wind. a decent start to tuesday. start with the bus stop forecast for the little one going out this morning. bundle up.
5:48 am
i'm in a middle-weight jacket and it's chilly and i could see some folks wearing gloves if they have sensitive hands. temperatures range in the 40- degree range on the low side to 52 on the high side at the bus stop and the sun is coming up at 7:08 on the sunrise. the day at a glance, partly sunny this morning and mostly cloudy, stray shower is possible. 5:00 temperature around 60. highs from the upper 50s, northwest to 65 down south. 62, 63 here in washington. then tonight, partly to mostly cloudy, chilly again. in the 40s. west winds at five and if you are in the mountains, western maryland, west virginia, you have a decent chance of a couple of showers today and tonight and the moisture will start to kick east tomorrow. we could see a few showers also with highs in the low 60s and a west wind at five to ten. the rain from yesterday morning, up here to syracuse and rochester and wrapping an an upper storm in to ohio and west virginia. this upper storm will sit here
5:49 am
and eventually start to go like this. that's why tomorrow we will have a better chance of a couple of showers than we do today. it is cold as i said. 39 manassas. winds are calm. leesburg 48. culpeper 45. orange 41 and oakland 6. the cool spots. along the bay you will notice it is 53-degrees in annapolis. 54 cambridge. tap han nonknock and new land the winds are light and fredericksburg is also 45 degrees. that was a 37 coming from the stafford regional airport. 51 right now. partly cloudy. west northwest winds at 14. although many areas of winds five miles an hour or less. national has a breeze and humidity is 71%. the forms across the middle of the country. the storm is bringing rain in to montana and the storm around here. neither is moving quickly and with surface low pressure off of new jersey and the upper storm back here it will be
5:50 am
another day or two before this storm system exits the region. today a better chance of showers is well north. new york state, western pennsylvania. some of it sneaks in to garrett county later on. notice by tomorrow morning a little pink at snow shoe. could have wet flakes mixing in and showers in the shenandoah valley and western maryland. we will see some of that, especially north an west. the whole thing starts to pull out of here by thursday and that's when we turn really nice for the second half of the week. seven-day forecast, 62 breezy degrees today. more clouds. slight chance of a shower and 62. thursday 70 and friday, saturday, sunday and monday, sunny, warmer. daytime highs low to mid-70s. you have to love that. >> can't complain. hey, everybody. right now looks like we are discovering a little volume outside. we want to take you there. maryland from 270 to germantown road is where drives are
5:51 am
hitting the road. on the outer loop a little slow two starting to set in between university boulevard over to georgia avenue. taking it to the maps again. we give you route 4 , route 5 an 30. the roadways are incidents or accidents free. and wrap it up in virginia. 495 looking good on both loops between 95 up to the american legion bridge. back to jessica. >> thank you. some young musicians about to reach an on-line milestone all at the same time. the story is coming up in entertainment news. plus, thieves acquiring better technology that makes it easier to track what you do at the atm. [ male announcer ] it's luxury with fire in its veins. bold. daring. capable of moving your soul. ♪
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5:55 am
the super bad star recently wrapped work on king few panda ii. fresh faces, lady gaga and justin biiber are approaching new milestones in their careers. some of the area's hardest- working teenagers got a chance to sit back, rewelcomes and earn beauty. the girl scouts got insider style secrets. ry warding them with makeovers the teens got makeup tips atage age where they are starting to experiment. >> now they taught me how to make it work. so with a couple of techniques it really makes a difference. >> reporter: the ladies got free hair cuts and a styling lesson by the salon professionals. catherine submitted the next video. do gooders got swanky in the
5:56 am
fight against autism. the event, fashion for autism was held at the tavern club here in georgetown. the designer d'angelo presented his collection wanting to do something fun that brings attention to autism. >> we have a great line. so why not show it off. this way we get a chance to kill two birds with one stone. >> reporter: guests participated in a luxury silent auction also. remember, we want pictures and videos from fun evens happening where you live. log on to oh my and send in your stuffed to or send me stuff on facebook. you may want to take a closer look at the atm the next time you use it because thieves have a new way to steal your money. how the bad guys are scamming the system and you.
5:57 am
>> reporter: this is the thief's video. he is setting up a camera and skimming device on an atm in britain. it's exactly what criminals are doing here, and their scheme is working. the atm at this wachovia bank in alexandria was targeted in february. >> the bank itself had over $60,000 worth of fraud. >> reporter: the sun trust bank was hit last month. jody donaldson with alexandria police say thieves custom make a skimming device to place over the card insert so credit and debit cards get swiped twice. >> by the skimmer and the atm machine itself. >> reporter: to get the pin number they use a camera. >> they can be the size of a pencil head. >> reporter: a thief recorded these numbers easily. donaldson says if you look closely at your atm you will be able to tell when something isn't right. >> check where you put your card in. shake it and make sure there is nothing loose ante parts are
5:58 am
the same color some placed their wallets over their hand to protect their pin number. he said you may not want to get the wallet out, instead just use your hand. >> reporter: and others can get by using a clear plastic overlay. >> run your hand over it before you insert your card. >> if you find something suspicious, walk away and let the bank and police know. donaldson recommends checking your bank statement on-line every few days. he says some thieves use technology that is so advanced they don't have to return to the atm to get the information they stole. it just gets e-mailed or texted to them. you are watching 9 news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm jessica doyle. andrea roane is on vacation and howard is here with the forecast. maybe gloves today. >> in the 30sin a few spots. a couple of good things. the winds aren't that strong rate right now and no rain around. so a dry ride in this morning
5:59 am
and that will help. yesterday was rough in the morning with all of the rain going on. show you what has been happening since last night. all the showers pull in to pennsylvania. still some in new jersey but it is far away from us and a lot of breaks in the cloud cover. that's allowed the temperatures to drop in the 30s and 40s like garrett county 36. you see 45 culpeper and fredericksburg but manassas, for example, was down to 39 degrees. we have pockets of really cold stuff. sterling is down to 40 degrees, but it is 50 in crofton as warm as 52 college park. 47 arlington and bethesda. 54 by 9:00. a partly sunny skies. during the afternoon more clouds and perhaps an isolated shower north and west. highs in the low 60s. it's coming up on 6:00 a.m. straight up. here's angie. >> thank you, howard. we are kicking off the new hour and looks like we have one tieup to tell you about. it is westbound on the suitland parkway. this is at naylor road. a


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